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Smart translations based on AI preception

💫 Let AI take on the complexity of context-aware text translation

Our neural networks based on various modern models, including GPT-3, Llama and etc. were trained on a large amount of text data and provide the maximum possible understanding of the context of the translated text. By understanding the context, neural networks can perform translations that are as close to real as possible.
AI translation
AI translation

PDF and document translation

📄 Translation of text and scanned documents

Translay.Today easily translates text documents *.docx, *.odt and *.pdf formats. PDF translation works even if the document has been scanned. The built-in optical text recognition (OCR) function extracts text from a document and translates it while maximally preserving not only the translation context, but also the structure of the document.

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Special contexts and translation styles

💼 Conduct business conversations and translate technical documentation

Are you writing a letter to apply for a job? Translating a book of poetry for children? Are you preparing documents to send to the migration authority?
Choose the style and form of translation depending on your situation. The AI will automatically adapt the translation of your text to the selected conditions, saving and adding appropriate expressions and even maintaining rhyme.
Please remember that the text translated by the AI may be changed in unpredictable ways. Check the correctness of the translation before using it.
AI translation